Fluids aims to provide an open platform for the transformation of  ideas and feelings that can shift perception to a libertarian perspective.

We sense that human interactions require a space where those insights can be realized and linked.

The gathering will take place at several venues in Berlin from the 15th to the 31st of may, sustaining a circle of equality, affinity and coaction.

We are a resourceful community pursuing a wider exchange, an efficient swarm that operates in  unity, expands organically and reminds one another what is human and kind.

Fluids don’t process data, it helps concretising good ideas by connecting.

Fluids will never stick any consumerist nor inegalitarian labels to its body.

Fluids is an experiment,  its wishes to understand, embrace or change itself.

This operates as a sharing circle, we foster collaboration and contribution.

This is one and organic, we are transparent and in touch with the public.

This means function, we aspire difference.

We are artists, geeks, shamans and upstanders.

We are pain, the off-centre, a pure anachronism.

We are love, though we crush intolerance.